Our Ethos

At The Aspire Centre, we believe in educating the whole child and whilst we accept that academic success is very important we also know that that is just one strand of what we do at Aspire. We truly believe that the development of leadership and character are at the forefront of academic success and also the development of the whole person. This is why we offer a wide range of additional activities to enrich our educational programme. We fundamentally base our whole education model around The Aspire Code. At Aspire we expect the children to be aspirational, self-aware, professional, show integrity, be respectful and endeavour to always be the best version of themselves. This underpins our beliefs and it is woven through the curriculum through academic and character education.

 Our main aim is to reengage children that have become disconnected with mainstream education. We deliver a personalised curriculum that allows students to complete a minimum of  five GCSE or GCSE equivalent qualifications along with a vocational option to allow them to take the correct post 16 route for them. 

We pride ourselves on the support that our pupils receive to prepare them for the next steps in their life, whether that is moving back into mainstream education or on to a post 16 provider. By focusing on the whole child and celebrating success, we are able to build solid foundations for reintegration into mainstream education.