Admissions Process

To acquire
a place at The Aspire Centre, applicants in KS3 and KS4 have to be referred by
the local authority via the fair access panel or a referral from a local

Holloran, the Head of school manages the referral process. Once a  school
makes contact with  The Aspire Centre, Mrs Holloran arranges for a
discussion to take place with the prospective student, an appropriate
representative from the home school and a parent/carer. A referral form will be
completed at this stage by the home school and where it is considered if The
Aspire Centre  can take on the student. 

referrals lead to a daily contract with the home school. The cost of this is £55
per day plus the cost of transport to and from school by way of a private hire

many students will be dual registered, The Aspire Centre will take
responsibility for the progress of each student referred, including entry to
formal examinations where appropriate, in consultation with the home

at The Aspire Centre are subject to on-going review. In exceptional
circumstances, where the placement is deemed not in the best interests of the
young person and/or other students, the commissioning agreement will be
reviewed after the initial half term. 

views and wishes of young people and their families are an integral part of the
referral process. The Aspire Centre also admits students who do not currently
attend school or are at risk of being excluded. 



  • Children who are at risk of permanent exclusion 
  • Children who have been permanently excluded 
  • Children who require day 6 provision 
  • Children who require a short-term placement to improve behaviour or
    reintegrate into mainstream school 
  • Hard to place year 11 pupils 

call or email The Aspire Centre for a copy of our referral form.