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Aspire Consultation

Public consultation to increase pupil numbers and relocate to a new school site

The Aspire Centre (Great Schools Trust) is proposing to increase total pupil admission numbers (PAN) to 60 by relocating to a new site for both our key stage 3 and key stage 4 pupils.

The information below outlines key questions that we think people may want to consider, the process by which people can respond, and what will happen to responses.

Responses to this consultation can be submitted via email to 

This public consultation will commence 23rd January 2023 until 20th February 2023. All responses will need to be received by that date to be included in the consultation findings.

You can download a copy of this information here.

Background Information

• The Aspire Centre opened in September 2016 as an alternative provision academy located on the site of Kings Leadership Academy Liverpool. The school is a specialist school for 30 children and young people currently. Pupils admitted require alternative and specialist educational provision. As such they have either been excluded from mainstream education and/or require an alternative and more specialist form of education due to additional social, emotional, behavioural and or associated needs. Pupils attending the school are aged 11 to 16 yrs.

• Due to high levels of demand the Great Schools Trust intend to expand and relocate the school and provision to admit 60 children from ages 11 – 16. This will include initially 20 or more places in Key stage 3 and approximately 40 places in Key stage 4.

• The Aspire Centre will continue to admit children and young people on a commissioned basis. Liverpool City Council will be the schools overarching commissioner. The process of admission will continue to be managed through the city’s fair access protocol supported by key partnership protocols in place with local secondary schools and the local authority.

• The need for expansion has been identified by the school, local headteachers and Liverpool City Council. This is because there are insufficient specialist alternative provision places within the city. The Great Schools Trust has undertaken further needs analysis and as such have made the decision to expand the number of pupil places. This has necessitated a relocation to a new site.


• To extend the number of school places from 30 to 60 from September 2023.

• To relocate the school from Kings Leadership Academy Liverpool to Vortex House, Wavertree, Liverpool.

• To increase numbers of both Key stage 3 and Key stage 4 pupil places.

Why a change of location is required

• We want to have a separate site for the Aspire Centre to enable us to offer more specialist relational and vocational opportunities to existing and additional pupils.

• The new site will be at a former studio school site/Teacher training hub in the heart of a well-linked industrial estate in Wavertree. This will enable us to use a range of specialist research-based behaviour improvement approaches to facilitate achievement, progress, and improved life chances for the hardest to reach. It will also enable a wider vocational learning offer and transitional lifelong learning opportunities.

• The site is easily accessible by car as well as local bus and train routes.

• The new school base will have specific areas for specialist therapeutic and nationally proven best practice alternative provision and psychologically informed approaches, securing inclusion and achievement for the hardest to reach. Our curriculum and behavioural improvement approaches will derive from the very latest research and good practice alternative provision teaching models. 

Furthermore, the school will be in all aspects aligned to our Trusts ethos and vision related to discipline, behaviour, relationships, and achievement for all.

How the Aspire Centre will be staffed

• The new site will accommodate up to 60 pupils in 8 classes with up to 25 staff members on site.

• The proposed staffing structure will include the following key roles:  A Principal, Vice Principal, teachers, specialist support staff for pupils and families, with administration and premises staff as appropriate.

• New staff will have a contract relating to the school. 

• The site will be governed and managed by a principal, working closely with a recalibrated Local Advisory Board inclusive of specialist alternative provision non-executives with previous experience of the alternative provision sector, as well as volunteers from key identified areas identified by our governance skills audit.

Impact on young people and wider stakeholders

• Admissions, curriculum pathways as well as transition into Post 16 will be supported and managed for each young person according to their specific needs. 

• The relocated school will contain a specific approach and methodology derived from the latest national and international good practice alternative provision models. A key feature of this will be the use of psychologically informed approaches to teaching. This will be combined with character education strategies and curriculum options designed specifically to engage young people who have experienced challenges in terms of educational and or social inclusion.

Our offer will be tailor made for those children who need a more specialist approach to education to enable progress and inclusion for themselves and their families.

• The school will complement the current local alternative provision offer in the city which already contains several successful alternative provision schools.

What will change

• Other than a change to PAN, there will be no significant change to the existing Admissions process.

• The curriculum will be recreated to reflect best practice models. As such, the curriculum will extend the current offer to include alternative provision specific education and qualification pathways, combined with a high quality and therapeutic personal development curriculum offer.

Our Vision and Ethos

The school’s expansion and re location will also allow us to deliver an exciting, updated alternative provision specific curriculum. In addition, a set of learning and personal development activities which will secure inclusion, achievement, and greater life chances for all pupils.

The school will continue to provide a curriculum designed to follow a personalised learning approach, providing flexibility to meet the needs of all students. The school aims to know every child and young person as an individual, where their interests lie and what motivates them. This is key to their success and happiness, and to the success of the school.

Actions arising from the consultation

All responses received will be read and considered by the Trust Board and will be documented in the consultation’s Summary Report.

This will be submitted as part of a Significant Change Business Case to the Regional Director for approval. A summary of the findings will be published at a later date on the Aspire Centre website. 

A summary of the findings will be published at a later date on the Aspire website.